How it works

Experience a trail marathon or 25km that starts from a major UK city, before winding through stunning countryside.

Run or hike / walk a beautiful trail challenge.


Trail Escape events will start and finish in major UK cities, heading out on traffic-free routes to the surrounding countryside and back again. 

Escape city streets and explore the vast expanse of rolling hills, fields, lakes and woodland beyond. Immerse yourself in stunning landscapes you might never find alone. 

Enjoy the rare opportunity to take part in a trail event that offers city convenience! Book a place to stay, walk to the start and back from the finish, celebrate with friends & family, and take in all that the city has to see & do.


Trail Escape marathon and 25km events, offer you the option to run or walk / hike.

The routes suit all levels of runners and experienced walkers. (We would recommend you can walk for at least seven hours non stop before the marathon event.) 

If you sign up to run, don’t worry if you need to walk some of the way - that’s encouraged so you can properly take in the beauty of where you are running! The climbing, descending and overall terrain will be challenging in places, but we assure you that slowing down to take in everything that is Trail Escape is more than acceptable. Forget the maranoia!

Start time = 8am (Run) / 8.15am (Walk)


Explore trails outside of the city with peace of mind. All of the events will be fully supported with way-finding and marshals just like a traditional road running event.

Along the way, there will be Aid Stations in place with fuel and hydration to help you along the way. Cheer points and music will enhance the experience that is Trail Escape.

We are working with local authorities to create traffic free routes from the centre of each city, using green corridors to access the beautiful British countryside and back again.


At all Trail Escapes there will be an Event Village at the start and finish of each Trail Escape event offering food, drink, and a place for family and friends to enjoy the event whilst you are running. 

Friends & family will be able to see you off at the start, maybe see you on the route at a key
 location and then meet you after your challenge to celebrate with you. 

If a finish location is different to the start location (as it will be at the third Trail Escape), we will transport your kit from start to finish.


This will be a timed event but not necessarily a race. 

While there will be categories for fastest finishers (and KOM / QOM challenges on the way), your goal is to enjoy running or walking on these incredible routes. Stopping to enjoy the views is strongly encouraged.

Forget the pressure of chasing PBs or worrying about split times. Trail Escape is about enjoying the environment we are taking you through on your way to getting that medal for finishing a Trail Escape marathon or 25km.

Who is organising Trail Escape?

Trail Escape is a start-up company by three people with over 20yrs experience in mass participation events design and management. 

Trail Escape has received investment to support new ideas brought to life in the running events market.

The team at Trail Escape are working with Massive, who are an events delivery specialist, who are providing route planning and the on-the-ground events management.